Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Top 10: #8 Blake Geoffrion

Finishing up the Admirals shots in the Top 10 list is Blake Geoffrion's hit on Toronto Marlies Nazem Kadri on January 8, 2011. You can see the entire video of the hit here:

Stay tuned each weekday in the next two weeks as we count down to #1.


  1. How could your slight Houston bias allow the Hackett shot to rank higher than this one? Boom Boom's grandson lowering the boom!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I actually ranked it here because of the fact that Korbinian Holzer (#18) gets in the way of the shot, while similarly, you cannot see Kadri's face nor do you really see Blake's face.

    While I would agree that in terms of the "moment", the hit was 100x better than a goalie skating around in warmups, the reasons stated above along with the difficulty to obtain the flare in the Hackett shot are why I inserted them in their numbers.

    Love the feedback though!