Monday, May 3, 2010

More from Game 2: Texas Stars at Chicago Wolves

Starting forward Kevin Doell

Francis Wathier

Wathier puts a hit on Wolves forward Riley Holzapfel

Brent Krahn makes a glove save with traffic in front.

Opportunity missed for Colton Secviour

The waived off OT goal of Riley Holzapfel

Trevor Ludwig

First Star Anthony Stewart


  1. The Ludwig in question is actually Trevor Ludwig.

  2. Thanks Ross, corrected now. I knew the Stars had signed a second Ludwig and was lazy in checking which one it was!

  3. It looks like you caught Trevor on the shift when he stickhandled through a few flat-footed and surprised Wolves- I don't think anyone expects that kind of stick work from a son of Craig Ludwig. Anyway, you do great work- especially with goaltenders. So many great pics of Krahn and Mannino.