Thursday, April 29, 2010

4/29/10 Greg Rallo

Not a very interesting picture, but its a shoutout to fellow Gurnee, IL native Greg Rallo. Who would have thought there would be 2 people from Gurnee in Winnipeg last year when the Aeros faced the Moose? Definitely wasn't me before I read the stat sheet!

On a slightly different note, with Admirals Short Shifts going away, I attempt (key word) to pick up some of what is lost with their disappearance as best I can. Doesn't mean I will know exactly why Ian McKenzie gets send up/down 10 times each season, but I'll try to throw up relevant news as it happens... and similar to the "Game Recaps" I've done in most of the post-season, I plan to do that for every game except now it probably won't look as biased to the other team due to the fact that I won't be leaving out the photos posted on Short Shifts.

But to make it worthwhile for everyone, is there anything the readers would specifically want to see? More Admirals? Less Aeros? No more of Skates? More examples of Yonkman's anger mismanagement?

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